Sunday, October 26, 2003
  Holy shit i just realized that most everyone i know has become emo or done a total one fucking eighty o ntheir personality from when i used to know them. it's like a whoa that is bigger than anything that could come out of neo's gay mouth (or butt lol). I'm not saying being emo is bad in fact I wish I could be emo but I don't know how to write shitty poetry :(. Maybe I should check out some emo bands and then copy their lyrics and then cry all the time but nah I don't own any bandaids to stop the bleedin. It's actually really cool to see all these people withdifferent personalities actually, I mean everyone that knows me knows I've gone through around 100000 phases from 420 SMOEK DAY EVERY to my infmaous asian school girl. Yeah so keep it realz dawg and i'll catch u on teh dick side. 
  Dude I saw teh texas chinsaw massacre and i must say my pants are fully brown because i sat on candy but nevertheless the movie was kinda good because there is like this guy who likes to gkill peeps that were on the show Punkd and then he waers their dead bodies in order to pass the punk but fails when the main punk girl is likne punkd when she slices his hand off in a badly edited action scene. i was like woah more than than keanu and all my boiz were like yo shit this shit is like the cutting (har har) edge (har har they dont talk like that but in my mind they do ) and i was like no doubt nigga. and then at the end of the movie scarface is like ill be back and then he pops up out of the phonebooth and flies away and i was like oh shit maybe neo vs. chainsaw texas man vs. a pony will be coming ut very soon i think it will be the blockbuster hit of the summer because ive seen neo's ass and i think he will beat the competition ttyl for now i have to go cleany my room and find some money to buy some koolaid t the store so i can drink it and get hyper and then do my homework so i can finish it and then go clean my dads office and then come back home and chill for a bit and then go to bed because i am the man lkke that peace in thee middle each bufatta 
Tuesday, October 21, 2003
  Hey this is the new home of Gabriel Villeda. Yes I know blogs are for faggots who have more gigs of porn than hair on their heads but I disgress. They are a valuable component of the internet and allow a certain degree of anonymity to the user and allows them to disseminate their ideas to an


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